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Ubi Bene ibi Buganda

infos from Kampala, Buganda, Uganda, Africa and more....


Okuyiga O'Luganda * Learning Luganda

Today is a good day. After many years I found a website with which one can learn perfectly Luganda.
You find Luganda-English and English-Luganda dictionaries, more than 5000 Proverbs (partly multilingual),

0341 Akwata munne : gwe batta. He who attacks his neighbour : will be killed himself. "Harm watch, harm catch". Germ. "Wer andern eine Grube gräbt, fällt selbst hinein". Dutch "Wie een kuil graaft voor een ander, valt er self in". Compare the fable of the snake and the frog. Munno 1912 p.75, Muloboza 1.14.

and last not least the FSI-based lessons with fantastic audio examples for your Luganda.

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