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Ubi Bene ibi Buganda

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Helping people to help themselves

People from africa, europe and usa have started the Lingira Island project. This will be a holistic planning.

The overall Motto is: 
Helping people to help themselves
As an opening event, an international music jam festival is planned in November / December 2017 on the island. The festival will take place annually.

For the inhabitants of the island, there are over 1000 children, women and men should be created a development plan. Based on the millennium objectives of the UN, the inhabitants should overcome their own poverty in the long term. Our common project should involve every area of life at the same time.

The following projects are to be initiated:

  • Access to clean drinking water: preparing Lake Victoria water to drinking water, installing cisterns and building wells. 
  • Health and hygiene: we are optimizing health care and the prevention of disease by training through health care workers (especially HIV prophylaxes), distributing mosquito nets to all the villagers and providing funds for the permanent supply of necessary medicines. 
  • School and adult education
  • Agriculture, nutrition: the farmers learn to move on from subsistence farming to the production of a surplus to sell. Cultivation according to Push and Pull principle, Jatropha and Artemisia annua (for malaria prophylaxes). 
    Construction of a Island based building with store rooms in which their maize, beans and peanuts for next year's sowing as well as their entire harvest can be stored until the price is at its highest. 
  • Technology, energy, telecommunication, mobility: installation of technological equipment is to be carried out with the help of professionals. Installing solar collectors, biodiesel from Jatropha and bio gas small scale production.

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